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Mrs. Sandy

Teacher & Coach


Professional Bio

Educating the Next Generation

Mrs. Sandy has over 10 years experience in the education system. She has worked as a special education paraprofessional, a police officer, and a teacher. This is Mrs. Sandy's 2nd year teaching at Houma Christian, and she loves her warrior family!


Remind Codes

7th ELA @hcs7ela20
10th Life Skills @10ls2020
Yearbook @hcs2020yb



7th ELA     10th Life Skills     Yearbook

As a passionate teacher, Mrs. Sandy takes great pride in every course she teaches. She has a highly interactive and engaging teaching style that has made her an extremely popular Teacher.

Google Classroom

7B ELA: aaabqgs
7A ELA: m7s46iy
10B LS: pkcngzv
10A LS: katprz3
Yearbook: iy76tck


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109 Valhi Blvd


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